Our Policies

We work hard to keep our policies concise and readable. Our youngest users should be able to read and comprehend them in their entireties. That said, you will encounter words, phrases, and conventions that are “lawyered-up”, and extremely important highlighted sections as well. We’ve tried to minimize their occurrences, but know that we don’t have much flexibility around the ones that remain.

We understand that working through even human-readable legalese can envelope one in a profound sense of weariness. But our policies should be a lot easier to work through, and well worth it for the sense of security they’ll leave you with, knowing that you, and your rights, are in good hands.

Community Guidelines ➜

Digest is a new kind of platform: the love child of a blog and a social network. Like any civilized society, Digest thrives when every member of our community follows its written rules and unwritten norms. These are ours — they serve as our acceptable use policy and code of conduct.

Terms of Service ➜

This agreement governs your use of Digest sites, apps, platforms, and content. It forms a legally binding contract between you and Digest, Inc. Please read it carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

Data Protection & Privacy Policy ➜

We care deeply about building a product that you trust. This policy informs you about how we collect, process, protect, and give you control over your data when you use Digest.


Violations ➜

If you find anything on Digest that violates our Community Guidelines, or Terms of Service we want to know about it. You can find instructions here on how to report violations, as well as our process for handling them.

Copyright Infringement ➜

We respect intellectual property rights and comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. You can find instructions here on how to submit a copyright infringement notification or counter-notification to Digest’s Copyright Agent.